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    Decided to prompt for the Flash Fiction Challenge. It has been awhile since I updated or wrote anything, so I decided to work versatility while keeping myself fresh.

    Please, do tell me what you think.
    His knees were pressured by the gravel beneath him. It hurt, but he couldn't focus on the painful sensation that his nerves sent to the brain.
    It never occurred to Jimmy what the risks were in this game he had been playing. Ash made it look so easy. Gary made it look so easy. It made him forget that a Pokemon's life was just that.
    And with life, there was always going to be death.
    Jimmy knelt at the side of his Beedrill, squashed with its internal organs completely crushed. Its blood and fluids ran beneath his knees.
    "I'm so sorry!" The trainer cried exuberantly. "I'm really sorry!"
    Jimmy toned it out. He couldn't hear anything beyond that last, blood-curdling cry from Beedrill as the Onix of the trainer bind it to its death.
    Jimmy didn't blame the trainer. He was just playing his role. It was a battle, after all. He had them in gyms all the time. Whenever the Pokemon seemed out of it, the referee would call it off and declare a winner. There was no referee out here on the route though, was there? How were they supposed to know when enough was enough? They couldn't understand when death was drawing near. Neither could their Pokemon.
    But it drew, bringing the curtain with it.
    The young trainer had long ran off to grab a nurse from the nearest Pokemon Center off the route. It didn't matter to Jimmy. The battle, the journey, even his Typhlosion didn't matter to Jimmy in this moment. He was all alone. All alone with the audience of trees and rocks watching him in disappointment, Jimmy felt the pressure forcing him to his hands and knees. The tears that ran down his face now landed on the Beedrill he hovered over.
    Maybe it was best if this is where he ended his journey.
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