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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
Truer words couldn't ever be said.

Lately, I've realized that this generation separates itself from the others to have legitimately so many rumours flying out and about, and people believing them with absolutely no concrete evidence to support them whatsoever other than "oh, I guess that sounds believable!". It's honestly something that shouldn't happen, and just because it sounds like it would exist, if it isn't backed up officially by Smash or GF or any other trustworthy source, then it's at least safe to assume that it wouldn't.
You are missing the point of rumours. Rumours are supposed to be nothing but speculations about stuff that could be in the game. And people don't argue about a rumours veracity, they argue about its plausibility, because, from the moment it is proven to be true/false, it stops being a rumour.

Still, Haza is completely right. We can see some people posting here completely random rumours, which are a bit pointless to argue about. If the rumours come from an alleged leaker (even though 99% aren't just people messing around) and seem to be legit at a first analisys, it's more interesting to discuss about them, simply because there is that 1% chance that it is an actual leaker and everything he says is true.

So, guys, if you want to post rumours here, at least try to make them look legit.
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