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    I'm just going to give you some "general" advice but I'm sure they'll be helpful:

    1. A desktop is better than a laptop, unless you need one to work on while moving too much.
    2. Get the OS that you like, as long as it will perfectly run all your programs & games, & also if you're able to afford getting enough memory for it to run efficiently.
    3. Dell & Toshiba are good choices, although I would love to make my own PC I'm paranoid about it fearing that the components I'll gather won't be compatible, but if you know for certain that they are then make your own PC.
    4. It's always good to Google any specific questions, like "will w7 run sims4?".

    That's pretty much all I can think of right now, my main PC crashed (literally) & I had to look for a new one just like you but I just can't make up my mind! However those were the golden rules I'm going to abide by when I buy it. Any questions?
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