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i just sent a pm applying for the team

please accept me this i all ways wanted to do a hack but i didn't know how i see this as a fun learning experience for all of us

i would especially LOVE doing that victini and keldeo events any sinnoh legendary and most unova legendarys

sorry if i'm spaming but everytime i post something i think of something else to say or another way to help and i thought it would be worse to spam your in box *edit crap i just realised you can edit stuff *second edit is there a way you can fuse posts *3rd edit i will also be a beta tester because 1. i LOVE helping people and 2. i love the feeling in knowing that I'm one of the first people playing a game and i'm going to leave this tread to avoid more spam/edits pm me or talk to me on Facebook i told you my Facebook in the app pm
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