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Ace Trainer Ridge
White 2
Eeveelution (Skyridge)

Brushfire lv. 43
Intimidate | Serious
[ Flamethrower, Crunch, Outrage, Thunder Fang ]

Frost Ray lv. 43 @ Amulet Coin
Volt Absorb | Timid
[ Thunder Wave, Discharge, Echoed Voice, Dig ]

Trouble lv. 43 @ Leftovers
Water Absorb | Quirky
[ Surf, Aurora Beam, Aqua Ring, Bite ]

Necrum lv. 42 @ Scope Lens
Flash Fire | Jolly
[ Return, Bite, Fire Fang, Sand-Attack ]

Recon lv. 43 @ BrightPowder
Guts | Lonely
[ Slash, Rock Tomb, Ice Punch, Faint Attack ]

I went through the worst cave ever and beat some hooker that can fly airplanes. It was p awesome. I evolved Brushfire into Arcanine and taught her some cool new moves. Now we're in gear. btw challenge mode hasn't been challenging since Burgh lmfao.

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