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    Though Aurora was the leader of their little gang, Daniel was the one who led the way out of Oerba. They were heading towards the town of Taejin and Ezra was ecstatic. He had never been so far out from New Bodhum and was ready to explore all of Pulse. While he was sad about becoming a l’Cie, it gave him an excuse to see all the sights hed dreamed of. There was one thing that had been bugging the boy though…

    When do I get my powers?

    Ezra had lagged behind the others. He had flashbacks of the fight from earlier and remembered how all except him had been useful. Maybe im just a late bloomer…? he thought to himself. He watched as Jericho opened and closed his hands and silently mimicked his motions. After getting no results, Ezra sighed deeply and lowered his hands. Looking back up, a large figure was standing in front of him, blocking his view.

    "So, uh, Ezra right? I did not catch your history back then. Care to make a little story telling with the 'big guy'?"

    Ezra tried not to appear too startled when Jericho spoke to him. After he collected himself, “My parents were politicians,” he said. “You’ve probably never heard of them.” Though it was unintentional, a hint of sass slipped through his teeth. Even though Jericho was at least three times the size of Ezra, he somehow felt not only equal to him, but better. The man was a brute in the brunettes eyes and no amount of facial shaving on Jerichos part would change his mind.
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