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1. Kabutops (Japanese version and Holo)
IDK the set, I thought it was from the Fossil set but it is a water type but it looks to be a year or two after the fossil set. There is no symbol in the bottom right corner except for the rarity, the collector number is only No.141 his dex number. I do not know how to tell if it is a Japanese first edition so let's move on, OH a little weird thing about it is from my view looking down on it the right eye is looking up while the left eye is looking directly ahead. It does have a shadow.

2. Garchomp (Holo in everything except the picture)
From the first set to have Dragon types in it, I forget the name but it was made in 2012. 91/124. Not a first edition and not shadowless.

3. Gengar (Shiny white card borders)
Again I don't know the set (sorry) but it is from 2010 and the symbol kinda looks like a white crown inside a solid black circle. 94/102 and not a first edition and not shadowless.
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