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Originally Posted by ⊗Slenderman⊗ View Post
I mainly disabled them because of a certain turn of events a while back, and you had nothing to do with it. [:

Haha, if virtually anyone else said that over the internet, I would be like

but coming from you, I know it wasn't meant that way. X}
I miss talking to you, as well. Apparently, though, talking about /certain things/ was making it worse. I didn't even notice until after I disabled messaging. ?_? Now I only ever discuss it occasionally with my paranoid friend who is concerned and asks me questions haha.

Oof. Sleep.
I'm not sure if I got any sleep last night. I feel kind of sick. x; I probably slept at some point, and I just don't remember it. Insomnia. .__.

I recently found a somewhat of a music video my friend's sisters made. It's a pretty cool concept, but I'd like to know what sane person would decide to casually sit down on a sidewalk and start cutting him/herself?
As long as you're still my friend I don't care :] I just wanted to hear from you honestly.

I am learning basic HTML right now actually. Started last year and I got bored so I'm learning it again when I start my internship with my dad's gf
let's meet again
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