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Delta Mayor -
- France
In less than a week's time life had gone from simple living to a rather hectic arrangement. Longing for the simple days happened whenever Delta was coerced into training with others, something she detested. The AUP emphasized the "Unification" part of their name a little too much for her liking they also talked too much. Outbursts happened quite often, especially when individuals thought it was appropriate for them to address her as Delta. Sometimes she went as far as threatening their meaningless lives, she was beginning to see why it bugged Evo so much, though she wasn't fond of him either. A loner by nature Delta stayed away from all those she considered weaker than herself, William and Agnes. The former seemed to question everything and mixed with a sarcastic personality constantly made Delta throw daggers his way, one day she imagined they would be real daggers. With the other Delta didn't like her "bubbliness", it was almost as if she craved attention in the way she was nonstop moving and talking. Conversations, if any occurred at all, between Delta and the other two were short and sweet (or rather she swore at them in Polish) before she sent them on their way, far, far, far away. She needed someone who could bring the heat, a fiery personality that could only be rivaled by her own.

Highlighting all Delta's days were the training sessions, one might have even caught a grin on her face as one of the "higher ups" called for them. If it was Misha, Delta's grin took a turn toward a look of disapproval, as he had started the whole "Delta" phenomenal. It came off strange since she specifically remembered telling him in that shoddy restaurant that her name was "Del" and nothing more. Clearly these Atlanteans knew a lot more about their lives than they were letting on, this irked Delta, as that seemed overly invasive, not a quality she liked in the slightest.

Ability Training. Weapon Training. Computer Training. If one were care about computers it wasn't Delta Mayor, as she only put forth the minimal effort needed in order for Annie to be somewhat satisfied in her attempts. At least, that's what it looked like in appearance. It was a deliberate act to seem less than grateful for this entire experience. In all actuality she became instantly fascinated with what one could do by pressing a few keys. Delta's time here wasn't permanent, nor was she ready to get attached to any individual or "project", that just wasn't her style. As for the usage of guns Delta appreciated the lesson but she was more of a heads on type, but thought it might be useful for opponents that for some reason she couldn't get close to. Also, it would allow for her to test out another's ability and what the limitations for it just might be. All in all there was a preference for relying on her nature ability, and that's what Delta spent most of focus on. Late night/early morning training was a must; it also got her away from the instructors and peers, and let her do things the way she preferred.

The first few days Delta refused to do anything passed two body parts, as it caused her to get nauseated and faint, it was an embarrassment she wasn't quite ready to share with the world yet. Agility, speed, and rapid crystallization were all techniques she advanced in instead. Close combat began to shine as her most skilled attribute, so much that Delta eagerly challenged anyone and everyone but most turned her down. Easily her ego inflated, Delta didn't pay much attention to the others training sessions, even when they were right in front of her, so she hadn't the tiniest of clue how they were doing. Avoidance to the transformation of multiple body parts became an issue Delta was adamant to overcome. The first, second, third, and fourth attempts resulted in the same way, immediate sickness followed by a fainting spell. Delta refused the assistance of anyone that might try to intervene with her rigorous style of training, forcing herself to do it as soon as she recovered from fainting. The crystallization eventually spread, crept down her body in a slow fashion, almost as if it had all the time in the world, and eventually made its way across a third body part. The whole process took three days, leaving Delta physically exhausted.

Mealtime was one of her least favorite activities, listening to Misha go on about the newest romance book in his collection. All she did was nod her head until her neck hurt. She had little to add to the conversation except when they actually conversed about training and what was next on the table, not the actual table as Delta only picked at her food. As for the rest of the higher ups, Freddie was too bashful and the easiest to talk down to, Atticus was decent; Delta didn't mind him as much as she did Imogen. There wasn't any problem with Delta letting Imogen know exactly how she felt about it, annoying and needed to buy duct tape to cover that overused mouth of hers. Bickering almost began immediately when it opened, it was apparent that everyone disliked her to some degree. Annie was sweet, too sweet, but Delta didn't see much of her unless they were doing some sort of computer hacking session. It was usually pleasant to see her, or just a fresh face, but the results this time were even better. Royal Family. Rogue Atlanteans. That only meant two things, they got to leave HQ and there would be fighting, both of which got Delta in a better mood. Well, until they boarded the plane and were told they were to jump out of it without parachutes. To not appear scared in front of anyone was Delta's forte but when it came to this sort of thing it was a tough act to pull off. The ride down to the ground was a new experience to Delta's feelings; it was odd in a way she couldn't explain without looking up words in a dictionary.

"Alright, our main priority is to evacuate any civilians. Next is to find the threat and stop it. Capture, not kill. Misha, Delta, Atticus, Frederick and Agnes..." Delta couldn't help but tune out the rest, she had no intention on helping any civilians or "capturing" any threats, they had their plans, Delta had hers.

"I'll be off then," Delta shouted from over her shoulder as she took off into the frenzy before Misha could put his power to use, as he was prone to doing.

Unholstering the handgun she had safely hidden under her tank top and jacket, and tucked into her pants, Delta wondered if it counted as theft? The guns were for training, and what better training to use them out in the field? Paris had not been picture perfect place as she had seen in all the brochures, flaming rocks pelted down from the sky, as buildings and trees burn. Flames made their homes throughout the entire vicinity, there were scarce places where the flames hadn't yet enveloped it. A layer of smoke made it hard to see in certain places; there seemed to be a center location where the gigantic rocks were coming from, the Eiffel Tower. Screams of injured civilians, as well as ones that pushed passed it in a hurried fashion, were beginning to annoy Delta, the sooner she stopped the threat the sooner everything ended. Gun pointed in front of her Delta charged into the smoke filled area, swinging her gun from left, to straight head, to right, over, and over again to make sure there wasn't any Royal Family surprises waiting. A series of footsteps were heard before Delta saw silhouette of a man, who then immediately raised his hands above his head as the handgun's barrel pressed into his dust-covered forehead.

"Miss, Miss! My wife, my wife is trapped, can you help?!" The man exclaimed with French accent and tears welled up in his eyes.

Delta looked the man over before she checked his person for any weapons or clue to whom he was; a wallet was located in his back pocket. A Mr. René Grimaud Augustin, as Delta finished she spoke, "Lead the way, then."

Unsure if it was necessary Delta kept her gun leveled with the man's back incase he tried anything, but perhaps a shot to the leg would do better. After a series of twists and turns they arrived at a street corner where visibility was slightly better due to the flames that were devouring the building in front of them. A frail woman, who looked somewhere her in forties due to the various wrinkles that were almost hidden by the dust caked on her face and graying hair. Unfortunately that was the least of her worries... a concrete slab laid atop of her chest. Breathing troubles were clear by the way she sucked in oxygen as if she couldn't live without it, and, well, she couldn't. Crushing the slab wasn't an option, as that would only do the same to the woman below it, Delta stuck her weapon in same place it was previously.

"You take one side, I'll take the other. Don't strain yourself," The removal of her gloves was a must if she were to get a better grip than she would with them on. The transparent, green-tinted crystallization spread over her entire upper body (just not her head) as she took hold, "Let me do most of the work."

"You're one of those freaks! Atlantean!" Unexpectedly the man spat in Delta's face. "This is your faults, I know it!"

Anger boiled up in Delta, so much so that she almost let the hefty concrete slab slip from her now strengthen fingers and back on the lady who was squirming underneath. Luckily Misha had upset her plenty of times that now she was more tolerable of individual making her upset. An itch to pull the trigger of her gun wasn't going away, thankfully for this man she had already holstered it otherwise Delta had no problem adding one more casualty. Despite the disrespect that she was just given Delta still helped the man maneuvered the fallen piece of the building off his paramour.

A tap on the shoulder was delivered to the man after Delta commented, "I believe you forgot to say something!"

"Fuc-Th-Thank you, Miss!" The man whipped around, but his tone and wording changed as soon as he looked down the barrel of her gun, Delta's finger was held closely to the trigger.

A nod in response was all that Delta gave in return, though she wanted to add a bullet to that equation but more pressing matters needed attending. Once more she took off in the smoke and covered her mouth with the arm of her jacket and one hand on the gun as she headed toward the famous destination for many tourists, could she consider herself a tourist now? Regardless, after several other civilian freeings (did she have a sign on her forehead that said, "Atlantean! I will help!"?) Delta still made it to the base of the Eiffel Tower where she was greeted by the sound of music.


Upon closer look there was an actual band sitting there playing amongst the rumble and destruction, as if they did this everyday. Delta emerged from the smoke and met the eyes of the guy on the drum set first, followed by the leader singer, then the bassist. Something was off about the trio; if they weren’t scared of the falling rocks then somehow they were in on it.

"Gigs up," announced Delta from her position, hands behind her back while her eyes leapt from person to person. The music continued on except the lyrics now changed.

"It's okay, don't apologize,
You don't know what you're up against!
Matthias, it's your turn to try!"

The lead singer had actually sung his response into the song, oh how clever of him, Delta sarcastically thought. The dirty blonde man with facial hair stood up and was the biggest in length and width. Matthias gave Delta a large grin, one to rival the smirk she had on her face. Instantly her hand shot forward and her trigger finger pressed down in rapid succession four times. It was time to test this guy, if he was Atlantean like she thought he might reveal his ability, if not he would die. Unbeknownst to Delta the man's foot was touching concrete. It had already covered his legs and had caught up to where the bullets were aimed in time for them to be rendered useless. At least she had managed to bait him into using his ability, some sort of armor made from concrete. There wasn't any way she could penetrate it, armor wasn't perfect, there were always spots where one could aim a well-placed punch and deal damage. Delta rushed forward, gun tucked in, with arms fully crystallized she punched his armored chest. Then she ducked down, swung her left leg around and up to connect the end of her heel, crystallizing her foot before, to Matthias throat, more specifically where his Adam's apple should've been. The speediness of her attack and placement caused the drummer to stagger backwards.

His recovery was relatively quick, Delta edged closer, a bit too close as the large cement block punch came a lot sooner than she had expected. It knocked her back ten feet, a powerful punch indeed, had she not crystallized her torso she doubted that her ribs wouldn't have caved in.

Wasn’t it, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, right? At least that was Delta's mentality as she ran toward the man, flipped off his chest by placing one of heels on his abdominal region and the other on his chest, which pushed him backwards. She switched the area of her crystallized to her arms and made rapid fire punches all across the cement armored drummer, seeking out all weak places. Joints! A moan escaped Matthias mouth, while a cheer flew from Delta's, but the two soon switched noises as Matthias wrapped his hands around Delta's right arm and swung her around, and around until he finally let her go. In a dizzy state Delta couldn't concrete on where to crystallized, an arm, her torso, and right leg is what she chose as she felt the touch of the concrete man let go of her. Twisted, Delta laid at the base of a nearby tree, which her body had snapped in half, as it had already suffered fire damage. Through blurry vision she arose, the members of the band still playing the same song, as the concrete man lumbered toward her. The flames to her left reflected off her crystallized hands, though her hair contained several leaves and twigs she was more excited than ever to continue this fight.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

The Meta Journey
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