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dramatic much? ;D
I'm not sure whether to play along or what. haha.

Am I misunderstanding, or are you saying that you had just been playing along to try to help me? I can't tell.
Also, don't apologize. D: Remember what I told you when you were 'leaving'.

Haha glad you liked it.
Speaking of like. I didn't intend to like your post. I: I'm using my laptop and the lack of mouse is messing me up.

bgtihndgjnio he's so cute. X}
If I remember correctly, he used to get ticked off when you tried to handle him. Does he still do that?
I'm glad my agama tolerates me haha. He's pretty calm, but he gets aggressive if I annoy him. It's pretty adorable when he tries to attack me with his (very spiky) tail, though.

I'm learning the same kind, by the way.
I can't think of a good signature.