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    I thought you hated people acting like that!? Which is kinda why I was teasing you. . .

    No, no, no, no, no.
    I was being quite sincere! Unless I'm manipulating somebody I say what I think, and as I've already said before, I never have used machiavellianistic ways when talking to you. It was thanks to you that I stopped. In other words, I don't "play along".
    (Wow, I really hope I'm being clear/not sending the wrong message.)

    Oh yeah, that does remind me, you said before that you feel like you should be apologizing to me. . . Dumbass. :T If you hadn't told me some of the things you did, I wouldn't have told you some of the things I did. Being able to talk to somebody honestly, and about things which I hadn't with anybody helped me immensely. It was Buddha that said that nobody can heal you but yourself, well, you reminded me why I should.
    I really did think that I was going to leave permanently, but I have my reasons for returning.

    So you don't like me? D;

    Monty is freakin' cute.

    Am I the only one that seriously hates Css?
    C++, fine! Html, sure! Css, guh!

    Long post is long. :I