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    Gary/Blue, in spite of his annoyingness is kinda cool I guess.

    I love Silver and the whole "connection to Giovanni thing". It's really cool how he goes from "pokemon are tools to be used" to actually trying to understand and form relationships with his pokemon. He's got a cool Rival story.

    I'm not pushed about Wally, but I do like his Ralts

    Barry (DPP rival?) is pretty annoying though - that "I'll fine you one million for being late" thing is just annoying.

    I love the different paths that Bianca and Cheren take from the Playable character in Black and White - it really comes to show how you can really do what you want with pokemon in the game world. While Bianca decides that she'd much prefer the befriending and studying side of Pokemon (it seems to me anyway), Cheren thinks that the only way to use pokemon is to get stronger. I like Cheren's development over the course of the game though.

    Would it be ok to mention N too? I really like his part in BW too - the whole "I'm going to be a pokemon saviour" thing - it's cool