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It's okay to mention other characters you think of as rivals ^^ I think of N as something like Steven from Hoenn or Eusine from Johto; a recurring character who, okay, is a bit more rival like than many others but not quite in the same way as the others. I guess he is as viable for the rival title as Wally or more even, though.

I loved Silver as a rival, in the game and in the manga especially. His backstory is really cool in the manga and if you squint, the same story holds up for the game too. Being Giovanni's son and all. And he was the only really evil-feeling rival! It was such a contrast to come to Hoenn and have Brendan/May kiss your butt (pardon the expression) as soon as you met and battle so darn friendly. Haha :]

Wally's story is cool too, though. Overcoming his weakness and becoming an independent, strong trainer.


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