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Smogon as a battling site is great for beginners in singles. It's not for doubles, whatsoever. Although they have VGC analysis, they aren't good, really. Doubles need more synergy thus you need to match pokemon-teammates better. In singles you can use Smogon sets and put a picture together from their puzzles, but it's impossible for doubles.

Smogon as a community is very unfirendly. I'm pretty sure that was the reason of current DDOS attack they had.

When it comes to all kind of guides, they're good, but oftentimes the language they're using is confusing even for native speakers. Their RNG guides for example, are also outdated and if you want proper ones, you have to browse the forums which are maze-like.

Personally, I don't hate Smogon, I appreciate its existence, I learned a lot there, but I don't need the site anymore as a site. As a user, I was more of a lurker and found it very exclusive (in a bad way) and unfriendly.

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