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Originally Posted by amerellasky View Post
I'm AmerellaSky! Call me Sky for short! I love generation IV best, but I play V too! Can't wait for generation VI!
Originally Posted by daiichi View Post
hi.. im new here..
nice to meet you all
Hello there girls, welcome to PC! I hope you are all doing great today, cos I know I am.

Sky, I definitely advise you check out both the Fourth and Fifth Generation sections since I heard you played those games, and I have to say they are among my personal faves as well. I loved Platinum, HeartGold/SoulSilver, Black/White and Black 2/White 2, they have such great graphics and I loved the features and the Pokemon those games had. Oh god I'm still playing Black 2 right now, so I can get ready for X & Y. Speaking of X & Y, I advise coming over to the Pokemon X & Y section as well where you can take part in the ongoing speculation regarding the games. I'm loving most of the new Pokemon right now, notably the starters (Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie), Pancham, Helioptile, Fletchling and Sylveon. They're all so cute!

And Daiichii, why not consider making an introduction thread? You don't have to, but this thread can still serve as a place to introduce yourself. In fact, the New Users' Hangout is basically a little chit-chat thread where you can not only meet fellow newbies, but also the older members like myself. I joined this humble forum two years ago and I still remain an active member today. Is there any particular reason you joined PC? I'm sure you'll find a section you might like and since we are a big forum we tend to have a lot of good stuff to look at.

Have fun you two, and remember you can contact Cirno or another staff member if you ever need help, just look for 'em bold blue names that lurk around the forum. I'm also available if you need a new friend, just send me a visitor message!