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    Originally Posted by buckeyestilidie View Post
    #include stditems.rbh

    #org 0x800200
    checkitem ITEM_RARECANDY 0x5
    if 0x5 goto 0x880020D

    #org 0x80020D

    Can anyone figure out why this script won't work? I tried checkitemamount but it wouldn't decompile in XSE. Trying to make it where if you have more than 5 rare candies it will freeze the game.
    If checkitemamount won't compile, then that is because the name has been changed. Hit F1 in XSE and you will see a command database pop up. Now, scroll through the commands until you get to the command with the number "0x46". This is the command for checkitemamount. See what it's new name is and change your script accordingly.

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