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Originally Posted by bugsy555 View Post
We actually had a good example of this in Australia recently. One of our national holidays is Australia day, it's self explanatory. Anyway, we had people from other backgrounds who have decide to start a new life in this great country, which is great....But, they were offended by Australia day and wanted it changed to Citizen day or something along those lines. Now i was opposed to that for obvious reasons and that makes me a racist. Yet the people who wanted to change it weren't? At the end of the day, whether you're born here or moved here we're all australian, so what does it matter. The point of all this is PC is getting so bad that you can quickly be labelled a rascist or a homophobe if you don't stop saying this or stop doing that. People need to get over it and focus on the real issues. well, thats my piece.
Yeah, I agree. I think you got across my point better than I managed to. It's like when people criticize me for going around and having an extremely sarcastic attitude with my friends and they stare at me like I'm some sort of freak for treating my friends like, well friends. People have actually told me I'm going to hell and all sorts of ******** for jokes that my friends came up with and are laughing at.

People are so good at missing the point about being "respectful" that they end up not being respectful.

I mean, I wouldn't talk that way to someone I just met, but that doesn't give people the right to judge others at face value. It's "easier" but it ends up hurting the person at the end of the line if you can't just talk to that person naturally and have to resort to a list of PC norms, especially if you have to talk to them about something that goes beyond that circle. And besides, what is better for someone, a person who respects them and makes a couple jokes or references that might be considered "crass" or just another person that walks by and tries to put the same mold on everyone else? Again, my whole point is we should let the person who it's relevant to make the decision to whether or not their statement is offensive. It's all a matter of context.

If you offend someone and you didn't mean to, then it's more their problem than yours, because if you had no intent in offending them then there was nothing to really worry about. Again in a large organization this kind of mindset won't fly but on an individual basis, if you offend someone who doesn't like whatever you said, then it's probably just them. (and that's something I've learned from experience).

In your case, Bugsy, I completely agree. Everyone is an Australian if they are Australian citizens, regardless of their race or religion or whatever. In either the case of Australia Day or Citizens Day, it incorporates everyone who is an Australian citizen. Citizens day does nothing to really show the individuality of the citizens either so if they're flipping their crap over that, well that's just dumb.
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