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    Hello everybody.Its a day i've been looking forward to for long.Finally i am a member of pokecommunity.
    Its always been my dream to join such a community where i can freely discuss POKEMON.Very very thrilled to be in your midst.

    According to rumours,pokemon x and y will be introducing a new pokemon type-fairy.What on earth is that?Any idea?
    Froakie,Fennekin and Chespin are remakes of the poliwag,vulpix and seedot families.
    Note the similarities,seedot and chespin both represent nuts and are grass/dark.
    Froakie and the poliwag family-water/fighting frog-like pokemons
    Fennekin -fire/psychic fox-something ninetales should have been(after all,it HAS mystic powers)-in short,all that vulpix would have dreamt of being is represented by fennekin.