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Originally Posted by Corvidae View Post
If you offend someone and you didn't mean to, then it's more their problem than yours, because if you had no intent in offending them then there was nothing to really worry about. Again in a large organization this kind of mindset won't fly but on an individual basis, if you offend someone who doesn't like whatever you said, then it's probably just them. (and that's something I've learned from experience).
I disagree. Some things are just offensive on their face. People shouldn't be ignorant of how offensive what they say could be. That's where I think people get annoyed at "political correctness" because they have this strawman idea of what being PC is, i.e., you have to tiptoe around everyone, only say nice things, etc. when the ideas behind political correctness are just to be conscious of differences between people and then take those differences into account to maybe question established values or judgments and also to stop harassment and verbal abuse of people because of their differences.

So, like, the strawman PC thing is to say "African American" (for us Americans anyway) and not "black" but the real thing isn't that you shouldn't call someone black, you just shouldn't say things like "those blacks" or "black people are all..." and stuff like that.
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