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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
I feel respect is given until it is taken away, but maybe that's just my asian heritage. It's better to show more respect than less if the situation is unclear. I think appearing haught only happens if you think about it, much like being awkward in a social situation only really exist if you think about it too much. It's possible to be respectful without being contrived.

What kind of person opposes a mosque though? What kind of person opposes the construction of a church of any kind?
That is exactly how I feel.

The issue with political correctness is that "PC" in itself isn't actually a bad thing. It is the extremes people take it to that are the problem because it has gotten to the point where some people are terrified to speak their minds because it might offend some people.

If you have something you feel is important to say you should say it, if people are offended that sucks but you shouldn't live your entire life saying nothing because you could possibly hurt someone's feelings.

I'm not saying "hey let's all go on racist, sexist or homophobic rants - because who cares about other people!" I'm saying that a freedom of speech is pretty much a given in most countries now, certainly is Western civilisation, so we should be allowed to use that right, so long as we don't abuse it.

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