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Originally Posted by Amore View Post
You'd hope it would be people who don't want all the associated conflicts that religion brings with it. Sadly, it probably wouldn't be that sort of a person...
I'm an atheist, but I believe in tolerance of religions and spiritual beliefs. If anything, I think it's more pragmatic to allow a mosque be built rather than allow discontent fester by depriving them of a place of worship. But ideally, society should be corrected if newcomers cannot have their temple to avoid offending the establishment. While individuals should be respected, society has a collective responsibility to protect that respect through tolerance and non-interference (within the bounds of course). If society fails in its responsibility, it should be changed and the people who forsake that responsibility should be deprived of their power. If I wanted to avoid conflict, but through preventing a temple from being erected, I'm only prostrating myself at the intolerant.

Besides, I think mosques are generally not so much for profit, but to provide a community centre, a hub for people united by faith and culture. It'll be a huge investment for the people going through with it anyways, so I'll trust by the weight of the money they've put in that they know what they're doing.

As a white man I find it offensive that you insinuated that we were the only ones who got education. If this were true, there would be no strife in the world

But no, you were more on track with men in general, if you think in a global context - pretty sure they had education in China and Japan 50 years ago, now many white men there...
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