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Originally Posted by Spade View Post
Um... h-hi. Nice to meet you all. :)
Originally Posted by daiichi View Post
hi.. im new here.. ^^
nice to meet you all
Oh you two! Don't be shy! Many of us would love to get to know you. :) Welcome to the forums, and I hope you are doing alright around! Don't be shy to tell us all about yourselves. :3

Originally Posted by fieryiman View Post
Hello everybody.Its a day i've been looking forward to for long.Finally i am a member of pokecommunity.
Its always been my dream to join such a community where i can freely discuss POKEMON.Very very thrilled to be in your midst.

According to rumours,pokemon x and y will be introducing a new pokemon type-fairy.What on earth is that?Any idea?
Froakie,Fennekin and Chespin are remakes of the poliwag,vulpix and seedot families.
Note the similarities,seedot and chespin both represent nuts and are grass/dark.
Froakie and the poliwag family-water/fighting frog-like pokemons
Fennekin -fire/psychic fox-something ninetales should have been(after all,it HAS mystic powers)-in short,all that vulpix would have dreamt of being is represented by fennekin.
You'll defo love it here. If discussing Pokemon is your dream, then you've come to the right place! You should visit the Pokemon XY section where there is currently discussion about what you want to discuss! In my opinion, I do have a feeling that there would be a fairy-type, but please...I don't want new moves that won't be helpful in battle. xD

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