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    Hey, i'm very interested in this:

    Japanese Bonus Disc Ageto Celebi level 10 UT (legit)

    I can offer you a flawless 31 IV'd across, EV trained shiny ho oh I RNG abused from my soul silver game. I can guarantee it's legitimacy, but if you want to get it checked, go ahead. I thought it would be fair to offer it because it was on your list of wants! Just need it cloned and the duplicate sent back please, if it's not to much trouble. I love the thing! ahahaha

    I also have all three of the legendary birds shiny and with flawless IV's as well. If you want, could I pick three more events in trade for those? I saw they are also on your list. Let me know, and we can set something up! Have a good one!

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