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    Originally Posted by Sajmon180 View Post
    Hey guys. This time, I want to ask few simple questions about evolution via trading.

    Do you like this idea in every Pokemon game?

    Do you guys have or had Pokemon that evolve via trading (those with held specific items too)?

    If yes, what Pokemon do you use frequently? More than 1 in your team maybe?

    I just wonder what Pokemon of that kind is the most common choice by PC users.

    Personally I don't like that idea at all, but again having awesome Pokemon in my team just force me to do it.
    On LG I had Haunter and I was building nice team for later gameplay in Emerald, so I traded him and evolved into Gengar, turned out not so bad. I like Gengar a lot, it's my favorite Ghost type.
    1. No, I hate it. It requires you to put your trust into someone that you MAY or may NOT know. I once tried to trade-evolve my shiny Machoke to my friend who I knew for 2 years, and he stole it from me. We don't talk anymore.

    2. I used to. Now I rely on evolutions that don't require anything but held items or stones.

    3. Poliwrath.

    In X and Y, nintendo needs to completely remove the trade evolution system, or at least swap it out with something far more trustworthy. No, I'm not talking about the GTS, because that's just full of dumb hacked pokemon, stupid nicknames, and level 100s.


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