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From personal experience I'd vote for main series games. But that's just because the only spin-offs i've played are Pokémon Ranger and Battle Revolution. Although Ranger was interesting, I prefer the general storyline of other main series games. I particularly liked the story of HeartGold / SoulSilver - where you actually go to another region and beat their gyms, as well as battling a previous Champion. And in BW they upped the evil team storyline to another level, and I've got to be honest N is tragic. If he is Ghetsis' son, that makes Ghetsis the most purely evil character yet, too.
Although I can see how people would feel let down by the storylines of RSEDPPt, but Cyrus did at least have some sort of motivation.

Ranger's plot on the other hand was almost comical - "I'll capture all the pokémon using my Super Styler!". I mean, nobody thought of just illegally importing PokéBalls?
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