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What are some apps you play on Android, iPhone, etc.?

I play SketchPhrase, DrawSomething 2, The Simpsons, Sonic Dash, Guess Movie/Brand, RO Valkyrie, RO Violet and Plants vs. Zombies. I might play Farm Story 2, but not sure.

SketchPhrase is neat because it's like DS, only you make a comic strip at the end so it makes for some funny "banana phone" fun, only with drawings. Someone might start with the phrase "smile" and along the way, drawings are misinterpreted until suddenly, it becomes a "hammock" and then a "swing." My username there is ~ Belldandy ~

DS is nice because you can play games with multiple players and keep your game active with a specific person. SP is more variety and randomness.

The Simpsons is the only town-building simulation game I like. I tried Megapolis, but it was a bit weird in comparison didn't like the graphics, goals or gameplay. Also, just because The Simpsons offers that nostalgic, childhood essence, too, helps me prefer that over others. You can add me, too, as a neighbour: belldandy21

The Guess Movie/Brand is a bit harder than I thought it would be, though. Level 1 was way too easy, but Level 2+ is way too hard. In fact, the very first image I got for Level 1 even was "Louis Vuitton." No idea wth that is even now lol and who would? Esp. as the very first question? Not even MacDonald's lol

RO Valkyrie [Uprising] is like Ragnarok but for your phone and I love me some Ragnarok. The gameplay / controls are a bit weird, and the customization is quite limited (which makes me sad), but overall it's something I can play and not really complain about.

RO Violet is a offline and more questy. I don't like some of the main character's responses and facial expressions, though. It really hinders my experience because he uses messed-up faces often enough Very distracting. I play it for the gameplay, though. Smoother than online IMO.

PvZ is just a classic that I had bought for 2.99$ on my Android and repurchased for 0.99$ on iPhone. Everyone should try it at least once; it's comical, random, tactical fun.

So what do you play on your phone?
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