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Sorry for thing several days to reply!

This is an amazing SU, Geras. I'm happy to welcome you into Checkmate! You may paste your "first post" into the IC thread and then whenever you feel like it, you may make the second post (the one with all the black boxes where they basically start up the game and place things out on the screen).

After you have made your second post, you can make your house appear next to the other houses in the Land of Grass and Growth and join whatever they are doing at the moment. Your sprite will, at that point, merge with the others. Read the IC posts so far and I hope things will become clearer :] and remember to ask me if there is anything you're wondering!

EDIT: hm, I have realized that with the way I have decided that the sprites work, we need you to enter the medium before we can continue with the story properly. So, Geras, post as soon as you can to get to where the others are (2 posts away!) and for the rest of you - interact for crying out loud!

EDIT2: I posted! Get fighting, ye guys!

EDIT3: Geras, that was an amazing post. I really enjoyed reading it.

If you want, you can edit your last post with part 3 (appearing with your house next to the others in LOGAG and your sprite merging with the existing sprite) whenever you feel like you want to write that, but I of course hope that someone will take on an IMP first ;) It will perhaps be a bit shocking for Odetta to jump into a world where people are fighting monsters immediately, but also interesting!
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