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    Accatosh "Blitzkrieg" Corronis

    Vigil, had a sort of headache then as it passed he went over to yell at Penance for his speaking. this was true Accatosh had simply ignored his little talk to Vigil, Accatosh however while Vigil was yelling walked over to Vigil's side and looked down at the Golduck, Accatosh didn't say or do anything else, anything else would only cause more problems right now... problems the Gold Tribe didn't need right now.

    after Vigil's yelling had ended, a sandstorm kicked in, then the sky darkened, and dark energy was visible to the eye striking and destroying everything in their path.

    Accatosh focused himself, and launched his tendrils of Palkian energy at the energy that was destroying the city in an attempt to find out who or what was destroying the city, such power was unknown to him and he readied himself for anything... this might be a battle of energies... in his mind he prayed for support and held in this fight, as his tendrils of Palkian energy closed in on the dark energy his tendrils of energy became visible as well, glowing and spreading a pink light throughout the area.