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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Get out while you still can. Just trust me on this one.
A bit off topic, but I've been with Telus for almost two years. Great service. I've only had one bad customer service experience (lady was absolutely wretched and intolerant / impatient), but I've had at least ten good experiences, too - data fee reversals, phone number change reversals, loyalty services (certain free add-ons + a plan no longer offered to compare to Fido's data plan). My ex broke my old phone and they offered to tag on an extra six months to my remaining 1.5years; all I had to do was buy my old phone out (193$ - down from 400$ 1.5y ago) and tack on an extra six months of service, equaling out to two. Phone was "free" pending on how you look at that

I would also recommend Bell. I had one lady go above and beyond to reverse a 499,00$ fee for devices i.e. modem that I no longer had + was told were mine anyway.

Rogers, no. Just no Sure, they send people, but our wireless is always crapping out and the modems they supply are really awful. My sister and I get WiFi, but once you use the microwave, it cuts the WiFi out on ONE computer (which is just weird). The connection also randomly drops from 30mbps to 0.10mbps for no reason. Their cables are horrible quality, too; every year, the squirrels somehow manage to damage them to the point where they need frequent replacement. Not to mention, everyone who picks up speaks broken English when we DO call for service. Sigh.

On Topic

Just downloaded the app now Looks simple enough. I don't quite know how to navigate to boards (seems to only show recent topics), but that's OK too lol Only thing I noticed is sometimes, the connection will randomly drop, but that may be on my end... I don't know
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