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    Thanks! Even before I started making the card, I figured the art would look best on an e-card blank. I did also consider Advanced and DP, but they chopped off too much of the artwork.

    I didn't buy many e-series cards. I think I just bought about three or four packs (one was Japanese) and two or three decks. I think the only holo e-cards I actually own are Ampharos (Expedition), Clefable (Expedition, which I'm thinking was from one of the decks), and Lanturn (Aquapolis, which I got from a friend). I would like to eventually get Magby (Expedition), Mew (Expedition, though I already have the non-holo version), Umbreon (Aquapolis), Politoed (Skyridge), and Crystal Ho-oh (Skyridge, preferably Japanese), though. My favorite e-card that I own, though not holo, is a Japanese Slowbro (Aquapolis). The art is so pretty!

    Also, I updated the first post with illustrator information.

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