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Hacked-Up Base

Basically, this is just a patch that'll turn your ROM into a ready-to-hack machine. I've applied a few things that should make it more easier to hack.

  • Extended available flags: You can now use flags from 900 to 18FF with ASM patch from Jambo!
  • New Font: What's better? You can change the font to whatever you want, and it won't screw up anything!
  • Decapitalization
  • Removal of Duplicate Moves: If you've used any Pokemon editor that changes movesets, you've noticed that they tend to have duplicate moves. All of these duplicates have been removed, freeing up 250 moves for use.
  • Pre-Started Compatibility: The flag-extending ASM was applied at offset 0x71A240, meaning it shouldn't overwrite anything you've already added! Everything else takes up no space.

Jambo51 for the flag ASM patch
adhdguitar and Wichu for the de-cap and duplicate-move removal patches
diegoisawesome for the D/P font patch
I need no credit

There was an loading issue with the patch, so I'm gonna fix it. Sorry! Fixed!
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