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The reason why the threads are so successful is, in my opinion, following:
Simplicity and the community

Since PC is open to everyone, everyone can post and since the topics are easy to understand, there's no missunderstanding.

Maybe, I should give some example, to show, what I mean:
I'm also a part of a community dedicated to game design (RPG-Maker and stuff). In that forum people tend to be really harsh regarding critique. Surviving there means to have a pretty rough skin and most beginners get nearly ripped apart with critique if they try to show the concept of their game.
Discussions tend to be really long. The OP is long and the replys are even longer and beware to post something which lacks of any evidence that what you said is a hundred percent true. These discussions tend to drag on for many many pages and mostly the same people are replying (and no beginners).

PC on the other hand has a very friedly community, I remember being positively surprised when I made my first post. Also Pokemon is a really easy and wide topic giving one the possibility to post in many threads without fearing to do something wrong.

Seems like I got a little bit carried away. Let's just say threads on PC become successful, because it's so easy to reply to the uncomplicated topics, meaning that everyone can do it (since PC has so many members) ^^"

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