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Cape City

Paladin gazed at the scene unfolding before him. "What...the hell?" He muttered as he stepped back from Sovereign as another Pokemon, a Blaziken, appeared and began speaking to the monster. Paladin was about to tell her to get back, but Sovereign began screaming "Who are you!? So Paladin couldn't even hear himself think. As if that wasn't enough, the deranged Tyranitar had conjured up another Earthquake attack. The sky above the three Pokemon became dark, as tendrils of vile energy began whipping around, decimating any nearby building that still stood. The Gallade, Hanso, and a Gardevoir also appeared near to the Blaziken. It seemed they were doing something to him, possibly on a metaphysical level, for he appeared to be losing control over himself. Paladin wondered, for a moment, if this was still his fight. He had no idea what was going on with this monster, but he did know one thing.

He was getting his revenge.

Taking up a battle stance, Paladin turned his deformed eyes to the sky. The dark tendrils made an attempt to knock the giant off his feet, but Paladin sidestepped the first whiplash, which left a mark on the ground where he had been standing. Another tendril tried to strike him, but Paladin rolled away from its deadly reach just on time. Finally, with no more dark energy reaching out to kill him, he lunged at Sovereign.

Paladin was done with this. He would avenge his master if it was the last thing he ever did.