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It has been largely annoying in Gen IV since my connection wasn't allowed to be used on those games without the security being changed, so this has prevented me from being able to trade to evolve online at various times. Even now I have a Machoke on my HG/SS that I can't evolve without it. But I suppose that's less to do with trading and more to do with the backwards tech of the DS, so yeah.

I approved of the concept before that because I could trade with friends in the neighbourhood fairly easily to do it, but unfortunately they have either stopped playing or decided to play on counterfeit versions of Gen IV games. I never liked having to trade them with items though, it was enough of an annoyance before items were introduced.

Overall, I guess if we'd never seen trading as an evolution problem I wouldn't have even though of it as a possibility. It was probably good for encouraging trading in R/B/Y and therefore promoting them games by encouraging friends to play, but since then it has been a largely unnecessary idea and it would be nice if they introduced alternate ways to evolve the pokemon that currently evolve via this method.
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