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    I'm not sure whether I should change some of the pokemon or items in the team that I have.
    My Current Team is:
    Skarmory (Impish)
    Item:Quick Claw
    Ability: Sturdy
    Spikes/Roost/Stealth Rock/Whirlwind

    Arcanine (Hardy)
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Crunch/Hidden Power(Grass)/Flamethrower/Extremespeed

    Snorlax (Brave)
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Immunity
    Body Slam/Earthquake/Rest/Sleep Talk

    Milotic (Bold)
    Item: Mystic Water
    Ability: Marvel Scale
    Surf/Ice Beam/Toxic/Recover

    Darkrai (Serious)
    Item: Blackglasses
    Abilty: Bad Dreams
    Night Shade/Dark Pulse/Dream Eater/Dark Void

    Mew (Adament)
    Item: Expert Belt
    Ability: Synchronize
    Psychic/Roost/Me First/Aura Sphere

    I'm currently thinking of replacing mew with rayquaza, and I need ideas on how to improve my team (I'm pretty new to the EVs and IVs stuff since I just recently started building a team)
    Any Suggestions?