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    Update #8, and hopefully the second to last one in Kanto, and I have great news(for me anyways). I left off where I said that I was training Magma and Dash. Well, finished training there, thanks Psychic. Since I had access to Saffron City, I went to Saffron, and prepared to kick Rocket ass, again. Geez, these creepers don't learn. Magma and Dash did okay on their own until they caught up with the rest of my awesome team of fire types. While defeating Team Rocket, Dash evolved into a Rapidash. Also along the way, Pixxy learned Fire Spin, thus making me finally evolve Pixxy into Ninetails. Mwahahahaha, now I can abuse Toxic and Fire Spin at the same time. Anyway, Rival's defeated, Giovanni puts up a fairly good fight, but is no match for Pixxy. With permission to finally challenge Sabrina, I assembled my team of fire types and matched special attacks against physical attacks. FlameNFame did good defeating Sabrina whole team with Bite and Ember against Venomoth. 6 badges down, 2 to go. Because of my earlier crusade to Cinnaber, I immediatly flew there, did the secret key quest, battled every one of Blaine's thugs, and defeated Blaine using only Pixxy and Dig. I've grown real fond of Pixxy at this point. Teaching Fire Blast to Magma seemed like the right choice, amd indeed I've chosen right. The only thing bothering me about Fire Blast is its accuracy. Flying over to Viridian to battle the last secret gym leader, I discovered that it was Giovanni. Sending FlameNFame out against Giovanni, he didn't defeat the first Pokemon, and fainted. Gwwwaaahhhhh! Magma taught Giovanni not to mess with FlameNFame, with help from Slendy, and Giovanni was forced to give me the last gym badge and then went I to hiding, like the coward I knew he was. All the badges were in my possession, so what better thing to do then head on up to the Pokemon Leagie, home of the Elite 4. Then Gary wanted to battle again, thinking he'd beat me. Of course, my awesome power was too much for his team, even his Blastoise, who was 7 levels above Slendy, my highest level team member. However, that battle took teamwork to beat him, and he stormed off, saying I needed pratice, and yet he lost to me... what a pitiful shame. Tonight, I'll traverse the Victory Road, grinding everyone up to Lvl.55, then challenging the Elite 4 and champion. If I beat the Elite 4 and am not lazy, I'll include a battle against Mewtwo. Anyone know where to find the tms for reflect and light screen, because I'm too lazy to look up their locations(lol). How am I doing in my fire monotype?: Current party is: Slendy the Charizard Lvl.46 with: Body Slam, Mega Punch, Flamethrower(**** yeah!), and Slash; Pixxy the Ninetails Lvl.45 with: Fire Spin, Flamethrower, Dig, and Toxic; FlameNFame the Flareon Lvl.43 with: Tackle, Bite, Quick Attack, and Ember; Magma the Magmar Lvl.44 with: Fire Blast, Psychic, Psywave, and Confuse Ray; and Dash the Rapidash Lvl.43 with: Ember, Fire Spin, Stomp, and Double Team. Hopefully the Elite 4 won't be challenging, saved in front of Victory Road, and see you next time, good luck to anyone attempting this challenge.