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    Originally Posted by ZealithSeribii View Post
    Looks great! I'd offer to help if I could think of something I could do to help!
    Become a Supporter which will massively help Ambient! All you have to do is share our information around whenever something new appears, Facebook, or etc. Or by simply contributing to the discussions on the thread! =)
    Originally Posted by Saving Raven View Post
    I like where you're going with it, its a good start
    I like how the colors compliment each other, the grass was a good choice for those trees
    what i hate though is how you tried to make the mountain tiles, it just looks hideous
    what i also dont like are the random 4th gen mailboxes, those also look gross in comparison
    I'm on the fence about the fences, hahaha
    other than that it looks quite solid
    the colors also look fair for a tropical region, rather than a more dark rich color green for a temperate region
    Yo ho! Yes,.... Thank you for your input! Yeah the palette was something I wanted to put a lot of time towards meeting a tropical setting. The graphics are just temporary until further notice, hince the not-so-attractive mountains, FR/LG trees, and mailboxes.

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