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    Originally Posted by SereneAmbience View Post
    Yo ho! Yes,.... Thank you for your input! Yeah the palette was something I wanted to put a lot of time towards meeting a tropical setting. The graphics are just temporary until further notice, hince the not-so-attractive mountains, FR/LG trees, and mailboxes.
    don't underestimate the power of the 3rd generation, my friend
    it is a very nice generation with loads of graphics that are, for most people here, default, but for good reason
    they exist almost in its entirety, which no other generation can say (except generation 1+2, but their graphics are not the best as they dont work in layers)
    however, if you make the move towards 4th, or 5th generation don't go along with it's color scheme, even if you use some of it's graphics I really think you should keep the color scheme you have now (really i'm talking about the trees, the colors are all different but i think those colors with a little change here and there could be the perfect color) maybe change it up with some red and orange

    otherwise, good luck, keep up the good work

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