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Yunia Badeesh | Dune
A large sigh escaped Yunia's mouth; per usual she had guessed the situation before it had happened, horrid introductions. She wasn't in a mood to be prompted to reveal anything personal about her to these strangers, though Yunia supposed that teaching them the correct pronunciation of her name was the only highlight. Émigré accent was of French origins, like everyone else she felt at ease with it, but only reminded Yunia of her own. Well, the one that Yunia accurately feigned to defer individuals such as the ones that sat around her. Émigré yammered on about removing prejudices and first impressions, but Yunia didn't agree with that in the slightest. These moments were when one could grasp whom and what a person was truly like through mere observations of their actions and word choices. Disregarding that would be outright foolish, especially if Yunia was expected to rely on these people, form a team with them, and interact, though she had no plans to do the latter. While the others may do what Émigré put forth Yunia had no plans on following any suggestions but her own for the time being, and perhaps the others would do the same.

It was hard, there were very few acceptable mutant names that Yunia liked, and however was she going to pick one? Having one thrust upon her by another wasn't in the cards either; she refused to be the butt of anyone's offhanded recommendations. The name would derive from a sand-related word, Particle? Sandstorm? Grain? They were all average at best, by the time the introductions got to her Yunia knew she would have one, she must, afterall it was already planned that she reveal it.

Order was dictated by their arrival in the room, which meant that she was fourth or second-to-last, which worked. Preparation for this moment had already been done the night before she stepped foot in the mansion, every word delicately planned. First up was water bottle boy, and surprise his power had to deal with water, also his name was Boyce or Les Ouragan, and it looked like he had put some thought of into his name as well. He rattled on about personal information that Yunia committed to memory just incase it became helpful in the near or not so near future. The confidence that he had when he was sitting had disappeared as Boyce rose and spoke, was he not used to speaking in front of others? Shame, but there was something that Yunia wondered, why had he described himself as a freak and then went on to say that was an underestimation. There was more to that tale than him just being a mutant, perhaps if she observed him long enough she would figure out what he hadn't revealed.

Released from the nearest pound was Mackenzie or Macca, as he preferred. Yunia pondered if he indeed had gotten all his shots, she doubted he would’ve been allowed in otherwise. Not coincidental at all, but his ability was to shapeshift, how fitting since he could already pass off as a dog. Even with a keen ear Yunia couldn’t place his accent except somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Throughout the entirety of the introductions Yunia hadn’t glanced at any of them, not even to angle her head to look at them while they spoke. It was simply a means to convey to the person that one was indeed paying attention to what they were speaking, but Yunia could do just as well without straining her neck. Like Macca she had no intentions of standing, nor facing anyone but Émigré, as she felt there wasn’t a point to do such a thing. The others might take her actions as shyness or nervousness, or anti-social, but what others thought mattered very little, as it aided in nothing that Yunia had to do while she was here. The boy who seemed to be a combination of the first two stood and talked to them, his ability was the most interesting thus far, but the same couldn't be said for his personality. He was from England yet his accent differed slightly from that of the boy that went before him. Yunia had no plans of revealing where she was from as it had little importance to the reason why she was here.

After waiting a few moments for Arthur to take his seat, Yunia readied her feigned Iranian accent (They would just generalized it as “Middle Eastern”) and then proceed.

“Yunia Badeesh, you may refer to me as Yunia, no abbreviations or nicknames necessary as I will not to respond to such…” A pause was taken for the proper effect to settle in. Yunia already knew what she was going to say next, “Idiocies.”

Perfect, not a single missed beat or mistake, but that was to be expected from Yunia, as she never made a mistake because it wasn’t in her plans. “The ability of which I possess is that of Sand Mimicry,” A display of power wasn’t necessary, she had nothing to prove to these people, nor was this the time or place to do such things. Her eyes met that of Émigré's, or at least where she assumed where her eyes were, “The process is my body takes on the properties of sand particles, and also allows it to become homogenous in matter.”

“Dune. Dune is the mutant name I’ve chosen to represent me as a student in this institution,” It had came to her mere instances after she delivered her last lines. Yunia spoke with absolute confidence and boldness, “For those of you who lack the appropriate pronunciation skills that is needed to say my name then I direct you to just say Dune and trouble yourself no longer.”

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