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He listened carefully to the Musus and looked closely at her drawing, absorbing every bit of information she gave them. Drumming his fingers and pondering over the sound of the Musi and the rain, he considered what she had said about seeing signs of goblin inhabitants; from his experience, the shamanic totems could be full of magic hostile to them. Glancing at the Umbran magician, he hoped he was skilled in his art. If they were to confront other magicians, Abraham would be of best use to them.

When the Musi woman was finished with the sketch of the town and the paths that led outside it, he took it from her hand gently. The piece of parchment disappeared inside his cloak while he nodded silently to thank her. She went on for the supplies the general store could provide, talking of a Musi, Barrus, that ran the store; also mentioning that the supplies would be free. Excellent. "Thank you kindly," he said curtly, walking past his newfound allies and the upset townsfolk towards the exit of the tavern. The Musi monk seemed to have been obscenely loud in his outshout.

Exiting the quiet tavern, the rain begun drumming on his hood. He stood for a second, navigating, then went over to the General Store, which had a sign right above it. A thunder struck the sky in the mountains as he opened the door and entered. "Welcome, welcome," a cheerful Musi greeted him, braiding his hands and looking at him as if he was truly welcome, "how may I be of assistance?"

"Barrus, is it?" Vesper asked him, a sour, forced smile audible in his voice; he looked around the store as he walked to the bar, where the shopkeeper was standing behind. His eyes brushed past the wares, searching.

"Yes, I am Barrus," the Musi said with a happiness that was kind of hindered by the fact that he was asked for his name. "You must be one of the lads the town hired, aye?"

"Aye," he agreed. "Do you perchance have a spare shortsword? Of any kind and age, I do not mind."

"Well, I happen to have one, though it's quite old... it won't cost you anything, friend," he leaned in, using a confidential tone, "I'll be happy to dispose of it, in fact..." He looked in a chest behind the bar, then found what he was looking for; he unsheathed it in front of him. It was truly short, almost as short as a dagger, and rusty like that old Musi woman in the tavern. He gave it to him with the sheath.

"This will do," Vesper declared after he tested two clumsy practice cuts. It was too big for his liking, too heavy to use, but it would do for what he had in mind.

The shopkeeper gave him a concerned look, examining him. "Are you sure? Using that thing will be tricky."

"It has is uses," he agreed, sheathing the rusty sword and hanging it from his belt, making sure it was obvious he was carrying a sword, and a rusty one at that. It flung from the side of his cloak, showing perfectly.

"Can I get you anything else?"

"Some food, perhaps, and a rope." If by any chance we get lost in these caves, I would rather stay alive, he thought, taking the the pack of food and the rope. It didn't seem to contain much too enticing food, but he knew that hunger made any food edible. He thanked Barrus with a nod and headed out of the shop.

He walked in the rain, avoiding the mud puddles on the road of the town. His feet took him to the end of it, where the road to the north was, and he stood there, waiting for the others.

[OOC: if we do get lost in the caves, Vesper will outlive all of you and eat your corpses. :D]


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