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    So i pulled a 2 Ampharos from one pack today and it got me thinking.

    Ampharos with the addition of Frozen City would be 30+20 damage for each energy opponent puts on their pokemon from their hand. That is crazy imo. I run a keldeo/blastoise deck and just frozen city will cripple me beyond repair. I imagine it would be 10 times impossible for keldeo to even attack comfortably. It would drop itself down to 20 hp just to do a basic 110 damage. I almost want to just say have it sit in the active with no energy and have your opponent kill himself trying to put on energy. But then there are decks that run energy transfer pokemon which would just ruin this completely. I have a few ideas though not the greatest.

    3-1-3 Ampharos
    3-3 Cherrim
    1x Virizion EX (Plasma Blast) Prevents Status Effects
    2-2 Leafeon PF

    Cherrims heal 20 hp on your turn for any pokemon basically mitigating damage for energy attaches and possibly keeping Ampharos healthy. Leafeon works with just 1 colorless to kill anything that works around the effects of Ampharos and Frozen City.

    Another one i was thinking about is
    3-1-3 Ampharos
    3-3 Electrik NV
    2x Zapdos Ex

    Probably some other stuff, but thats what i find important for that deck. Using Electrik to attach energy safely and Zapdos EX being a team plasma card can freely attach energy without fear.

    Things you would probably need in both are 4x Rare Candy, 4x Hypnotoxic Lasers for additional damage, 2-3x Frozen City.

    Anythoughts on it?
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