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Another couple weeks, another update! And a minor point to mention along with this too! As some readers may know on some sites, this is not the first time I actually attempted this LP. Back then I had foolishly went with imageshack which then screwed me over by suddenly changing max number of images limits on accounts. [Photobucket and also dropbox are much better with this].

This part here is actually the point where I had gotten up to before that happened and I was forced to replace all the images to avoid them being removed on me. Onwards is all new content! \o/ Let's see if I can get to the end this time around.

Part Nineteen: Back to the sea!
Or some fun backtracking and abusing an item.


Last time, we were escaping from a horrible thing and heading back to Alice to find some guy who can scare away e-waves or something. Palan is quick to get through so we'll just skip that...

Oh, hey, OSIE. mean fighting?

Oh hey I'm wondering about that too! I doubt answering these inane questions 'correctly' makes you bigger, so... let's go close. Because I can't get far away from any of you.

And whose fault is that, hmm? I suppose by close they mean closer in terms of friendship rather than physical distance though... oh dear, that's a horrid thought given what sort of creatures may try to come 'close'.

At any rate, time to make use of the shops in this town! I'm already pretty underleveled and later on this will only be worse, so I might as well grind. However, there is a way to make grinding easier!

Step one: Obtain P-card.

Step two: talk to this person and do this [reform evolve] with P-card.

Step three: get exp and repeat once more!

And step four is to have a single battle, and you level up. 2 P-cards give you half the exp of your current level, making it an amazing item. So soon enough I get Kuribute to the 30s.

Yay for the long-charge move! You won't use it too often, unless you like overkill in random wild encounters and don't mind waiting a while, in which case you will use it very often.

Funny in the way that makes my brain bleed.

'No' is pretty funny.

'It' was funny? =/

Is everyone going to swear at me again? Let's find out!

...Nope. Huh.

What? isunderstanding not.

Well, at least none of you look like Gumi.

I guess they are sorry for their swearing, but why can't they apologise now? Afterwards what?

What sake are you talking about? The alcoholic drink? O_o

Useless? I... they still don't make sense seeing this is clearly not the case.

I'll just pretend you said the last two words and leave.

Yes. But hang on, how was he going to break it anyway? Chainsaw? His e-monster? Mashing his face into it?


I think someone coded in the wrong dialogue. Or this one is just plain old cranky. =/

The sea still sucks let's leave already.


Remember kids about the dangers of sexting!


Oh hey I think I found the guy we're looking for.

Seriously what kind of name is Jinxi anyways.

Bek refuses to answer and continues the conversation.


Well how does one treat a Jinxi anyways?

Yes, your power of standing in the corner will surely send everyone running!

Everyone talks funny?

Oh yeah, that rule. 'Resolve everything with fighting'.



Note the high level. He's not very strong in attack, but he DOES have an attack with a high chance of paralysing in Needle, making him very hard for your team of mid-20s. That is, if you didn't abuse P-cards beforehand. Especially on a monster with a type advantage. >:]

Come, McBird! Observe a one-hit kill.

No no, you're not killed yet, Not-JINXI. Wait a moment!

Oh fine. You managed to make your super-duper attack stronger.

Now, wasn't that fun?

I already did!

Str for STRONG.

This text is pointless!

And then he disappears.

Hurrah for that though! Now we can go back to Liz Island in the next update.