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    Only before few minutes I beat rival in the champions league .... so I finished with Kanto region (after 17 hours and 45 minutes) .... And let`s go to Johto
    And here is my awesome team in hall of fame

    And last Kanto update

    Arrived to indigo league
    Decided, that my pokemons are on the low level
    Went back to the Champions road
    After 6 matches went back to indigo league
    Bought 40 full restores and 90 revives
    Beat elite 4 with revives and full restores
    Beat with lot of full restores, revives, leech seeds and poisonpowders
    Entered to the hale of fame

    And my team

    Venusaur (name: Shohei) Lv.62

    Parasect (name: Taku) Lv.40

    Victreebell (name: Morita Go) Lv.51

    Exeggutor (name: Takuma) Lv. 44

    Tangela (name: Arioka) Lv. 30