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    #6 Update for Monobug - Platinum

    -done beginning stuff
    -caught the Naive Maleon Route 201
    -grindingto LV9
    -met Looker and done Trainer's School
    -evolved intoinside Trainer School
    -got Rapid Claws
    -defeated Rival
    -got Rock Smash and taught it to

    : difficulty 0/5
    *Rock Smash ... never got hit...luckily xD

    -defeated Team Galactic
    -got Honey
    -caught the Bashful Femaleon the Tree in Floaroma Town
    -caught the Quiet Femaleon the Tree in Floaroma Town
    -it took sooo long(I was already here while I was playing White for the MonoGround xD, it took 5 days T_T)
    -defeated Team Galactic
    -done the Wood

    : difficulty 0/5
    *had Aerial Ace ... never being hit

    -evolved intoinside the Galactic Building
    -defeated Team Galactic
    -done Cycling Road
    -got Earthquake and taught it to
    -got VS. Seeker

    : difficulty 4/5
    *gotburned by Will-o-Wisp defeatedin 2 hits,in 1 Critical hit andin 3 hit while healing

    -defeated Rival
    -got Defog
    -bought Moomoo Milk

    : diffciulty 0/5
    *Aerial Ace

    -defeated Team Galactic
    -avoided trainers to grindlater
    -caught the Mild Femalein the Great Marsh
    -evolved intoon Route 214
    -done every possible Route
    -defeated those maids
    -defeated Rival

    : diffciulty 0/5
    *Ancient Power on. Brick Break and Close Combat on the others

    -defeated Cyrus and got Surf
    On going Challenges:
    RBY Solos with all 151 pokemons