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    Project Ameria


    Hi Community! I'm Majesticz and I'm looking forward to create a team of dedicated hackers in order to work on my project "Pokémon Ameria Adventures". I've been hacking 3rd-Gen games this since 2007 (@RomHackersWorld and RomHackerResources) and therefore I'm pretty experienced.

    During the last three years I started several attempts to realize this project but unfortunately this has proven to be too much work for one person.


    Pokémon™ Ameria Adventures takes place in the Ameria Region which is divided into several small areas such as dry deserts, icy summit and tropical Islands.

    These are pretty much the first events which will introduce you into the game. If you want to spoil yourself, go ahead.
    The protagonist wakes up in a seemingly empty room. It is raining outside. He soon realizes that something is wrong. Outside, there is nothing but rain and thunder. The room is locked and he can not remember where the key is. Wait a minute .. key? The storm outside breaks the eerie silence. A faint scratching at the door is noticeable. Is that the storm that blows from the outside? Maybe a Pokémon? As soon as the door opens, a flash of lightning illuminates the room. The protagonist faints. Later, the protagonist wakes up again, this time apparently on a ship.

    Everything is gray. Am I dreaming? What is happening here? Where am I? These and many other questions will be answered soon ..

    The Storyline itself is heavily decision-based which leads to two different endings.


    • Majesticz
      » Founder - everything
    • soulryu
      » Translator

    Currently looking for ...

    • Spriter [Open]
      » FR/LG-styled Overworlds & Trainer Sprites
    • Custom Tile Designer [Open]
      » FR/LG-styled Tilesets
    • Music Editor & Composer [Open]
      » self explaining
    • Translator [Open]
      » Translator, Grammar & Stuff

    Want to join?

    To become a member please use the following form and make sure to post it below.

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