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Ultimate Water Monotype Challenge: Blue Version
Challenge Complete!

Well, it's been a long time coming, but I'm finally done. This took me longer than my Bug mono! So yeah, glad it's done. It was a lot of fun though once I got to where I had more than 2 Pokemon. Ultimately, this was a lot less challenging than I anticipated. When I used Bugs in Kanto I was constantly being challenges by walls, particularly Fire Pokemon. But In this one, Grass types rarely were a problem, and Electric types had a lot of non electric moves.

So, the E4 went about how I expected. Lorelei gave some resistance, but I didn't lose anyone. Bruno was a cake walk, because all my mons were special attackers for the most part. Agatha was fearsome, and spammed all the status conditions, making the fight EXTREMELY difficult. I had like 3 mons with Ice moves, so Lance went down easy. My Rival, was a lot more difficult than I thought he would be. By the time I finished fighting him, all that was left was my Gyarados! It was a crazy close battle.

I try not to make a habit out of naming MVPs, because I think all of my team helps, but Starmie was definitely an incredible Pokemon. So much type coverage on top of ridiculous Speed and Special. Definitely recommend it to anyone.

Well it's over now. Before I would announce a new mono for this game, but I need to slow down on the picking up challenges. So expect more updates from my other current monos soon!


Lvl 48
-Skull Bash

Lvl 48
-Double Edge
-Hydro Pump
-Fire Blast

Lvl 47
-Body Slam

Lvl 49
-Ice Beam

Lvl 48
-Spike Cannon

Lvl 47
-Aurora Beam