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    I did it! I ****ing did it!

    Type: Flying
    Game: SoulSilver
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    Okay, so I just beat Red's ass. I have no idea when my last update was, so I'm just gonna talk about the battle with Red.

    I owe this victory all to Jumpluff. Such an awesome team member! Jumpluff, at level 65, eliminated his Pikachu, his Lapras and his Charizard, before I had to bring in anyone else. Sleep Powder, Substitute, Leech Seed and them fire them Seed Bombs away, until they're dead. Then Venusaur stepped in, and there was really no way to Leech Seed it. So I put it to sleep, which allowed Gyarados to set up three Dragon Dances before Venusaur woke up to the death of Ice Fang. I stuck with Gyarados for Snorlax, thinking I had enough attack boosts, but Venusaur had me dented pretty good, so it only took Snorlax one Blizzard to take down Gyarados. Having put a solid hole in Snorlax's defences, though, I sent out Togekiss for the final blow - an Aura Sphere. He then sent out Blastoise, and I figured I could just send in Jumpluff again. But then I ****ing missed Sleep Powder! That's why you're holding a Wide Lens, Jumpluff! You don't miss! **** it, I sent out Togekiss as bait while I revived Jumpluff. Jumpluff was back in the game, and missed again! i switched to Yanmega, revived Jumpluff, took a Blizzard to the face and sent Jumpluff back out, who - thankfully - didn't miss this time. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Here's my final team:


    Jumpluff, lv. 66 @ Wide Lens
    Male // Jolly // Leaf Guard
    - Leech Seed
    - Substitute
    - Sleep Powder
    - Seed Bomb

    Jumpluff was easily my best Pokémon. Whenever I found myself in a tough spot, Jumnpluff was a sure win. Seriously. No matter what, this little guy pulled through every single goddamn time. Slowly, but surely and smug as all hell, this guy would bring the opponents to their knees, crying and begging for mercy. And the merciful Jumpluff would grant them the mercy of allowing them to faint. Jumpluff will forever remain one of my all-time favorite Pokémon. And did I mention that this guy is awesome? Because he is. He's awesome.

    Crobat, lv. 65 @ Poison Barb
    Female // Jolly // Inner Focus
    - U-Turn
    - Fly
    - Roost
    - Cross Poison

    Fly slave and decent scout. No, really, Crobat is cool, but her main usage in this challenge was as a Fly slave. Sure, she pulled through every now and then and earned me the occasional victory, but next to the throne of Jumpluff, she seems a mere peasant.

    Yanmega, lv. 65 @ Amulet Coin
    Male // Modest // Speed Boost
    - Protect
    - Bug Buzz
    - AncientPower
    - Air Slash

    I actually spent a lot of time breeding mid-game for this guy, because I wanted a Modest one with Speed Boost. I've never used Yanmega before, but he proved really fun to use. A bit tiring to level up, as he learned all his great moves pretty late-game, but worth it. More or less, anyway. And I just love his design so much. Definitely one of my favorite Gen IV Pokémon.

    Togekiss, lv. 65 @ Leftovers
    Male // Bashful // Serene Grace
    - Shock Wave
    - Flamethrower
    - Aura Sphere
    - Shadow Ball

    Normally, I care a little too much for natures to ever would have used a Bashful Togekiss, but when he hatched, I figured - what the hell. He was fun to use and has insanely useful coverage.

    Gyarados, lv. 65 @ NeverMeltIce
    Male // Adamant // Intimidate
    - Waterfall
    - Dragon Dance
    - Ice Fang
    - Earthquake

    Do I really need to say anything about Gyarados? This guy is a complete and perfect powerhouse, and after a few Dragon Dances, he is goddamn invincible. He took down Lt. Surge's entire ****ing team! And he has a 4x weakness to Electric! Gyarados, you da man.

    Noctowl, lv. 65
    Female // Calm // Keen Eye
    - Air Slash
    - Roost
    - Psychic
    - Psycho Shift

    For a generic bird, Noctowl proved interesting to use, and it was difficult to decide on a playstyle for her. I was initially planning to go with a Hypnosis/Dream Eater-thing, but when I saw the crazy recovery moves she had in Roost and Psycho Shift, I changed my mind. Definitely not a Gyarados or a Jumpluff, (seriously, Arceus himself isn't even a match for the mighty Jumpluff) but a great team member nonetheless.

    All in all, this was a great challenge, and it was actually my first complete playthrough of SoulSilver. My next Flying-type challenge will be in Emerald, but I might just complete my Emerald Bug monotype first.
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