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    Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
    I was considering adding the Physical/Special split but then it occurred to me that it would only really be beneficial if I added the 4th Gen Pokemon which isn't what I intend to do at any point.
    IMHO it's not so much adding in new pokes as new moves. Considering what's changed, these things would probably happen:

    1. Physically strong pokes like Gyarados or Hitmonchan would get a huge buff.
    2. Dark is now completely physical.
    3. Other special types are still mostly special moves on what most people use, sans a few things like Blaze Kick, Vine Whip, and Waterfall. Spark in particular turns useless for many Pokes that get it.
    4. Sludge Bomb turns Special, Poison Jab needed because a lot of Poison types wouldn't be able to use Sludge Bomb right.
    5. Pokemon like Banette and almost every physical oriented bug that isn't Heracross now have no useful STAB due to certain stats (actually most didn't in the first place so Silver Wind is an improvement), moves like X-Scissor, Shadow Claw, and Zen Headbutt (Medicham) would be required.
    6. Air Cutter on every Flying type that uses Special stats, or replace it with Air Slash. Same with Rock Types with Ancientpower/Power Gem and Ground types with Mud Shot/Earth Power. Also Physical Grass Types would need a move like Seed Bomb, Power Whip, or Wood Hammer.
    7. Oh, and Sandstorm buff is included in the best damage split patch.

    A lot of the best additions of attack moves in Gen 4 were just there to provide means to attack on the other side of the spectrum for those left out... that aren't Flareon anyway. ;D
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