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Originally Posted by Gym Leader Rozu View Post
Bonjour, mon ami! This couldn't be more French. I want an African themed region next... if they DARE do an Indian one, then I am probably going to scream. Racist, no, I am not. India is over used though, so I am a little annoyed, lol.
They (people from China, India, etc.) are also a minority in our part of the world, so they tend to get what they want first. Jobs, money, you name it. (No, I mean nothing racist by that, but what I say is true.)

But then, Japan creates the game. Perhaps Africa will be more of interest.

Maybe they'll do something in the Rio de Janiero (Brazil, South America) area; isn't the Olympics there in 2016?

Watch for in-game clues. We had France from Unova, after all, with French spoken. Though there is Spanish in one building, as well (Spanish is a common language in the U.S.).

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