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Update #2
Caught a Nidoran♂ on Route 3 at lvl 6 named him Wilber - Trained him up to lvl 14 and continued into the Mt Moon
Caught a Zubat in Mt Moon at lvl 10 and named her Nipper, spent a long time training him to lvl 16 so that he would learn Bite and actually be a functioning member of my team.
As i progressed in the Cave Nidoran♂ evolved into Nidorino at lvl 16 which i decided i didn't care about any of the moves i would "miss out"on and i used a moon stone on him immediately afterwards making my NidoKing and all his glory. (should have waited since the water gym is coming up)
My Bulbasaur decided to evolve right on Que before leaving Mt Moon. Oh i caught an ekans (lvl6) on Route 4 but he's so miserably useless I don't intend to use him when I plan to use Gengar and Tentacruel as the last 2 places in my team.
Finally through Mt Moon and into town where i fought my Rival and litterally all of my pokemon died except Ivysaur who lived againt Charmander with 2 HP left (Achievement unlocked)
Did the Nugget thing. I was able to steam roll right through all of them without healing at all. Traiers trainers bleh bleh blah, I'm at Bills and Misty time.
Misty was difficult because her Starmie has an advantage over all of my team and equally a disadvantage vs my Ivysaur. Her Starmie after it was asleep and confused and hurt itself once was still able to take out my Ivysaur in 2 confusions. My Nidoking pulled through and was able to kill Starmie with just Mega punching it until it died from it. With my entire team dead except Nidoking with 17 HP left it was getting kinda close... easilly 1 more water move and he'd have died...
After the gym i kicked that rocket theif's dairy air and took his dig also: my Zubat evolved into Golbat making her much more useful with her Wing Attack.
Decided to pick up the Old Rod and the Bike Voucher.
On the SS boat thingy i defeated every room and healed before fighting my Rival. This time my Ivysaur was able to take out Pigeotto and Charmander despite being weak against them. Ivysuar died to burn and Nidoking defeated everyone else with 1 or 2 hits.
Got cut but no HM slave... was hoping ekans could learn cut but not so much so i caught a Meowth (lvl 14) he will be my HM slave. with pickup ability its a very good HM slave.
On to fight the 3rd gym... my current line-up is:
Spaurz♂ lvl 25 - Timid Nature with the moves: Tackle, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf
BeeDrill♀ (i forgot to nickname lol) lvl 25 - Relaxed Nature with the moves: Twineedle, Rage, Focus Energy, Fury Attack
Nipper♀ lvl 24 - Careful Nature with the moves: Wing Attack, Astonish, Supersonic, Bite
Wilber♂ lvl 25 - Jolly Nature with the moves: Peck, Dig, Thrash, Brick Break (he right now is my leading damage dealer/tank combo
//HM Slave(s)//
Meouth♀ lvl 14 - Bashful Nature with the moves: Scratch, Growl, Bite, Cut
First 2 trash cans i looked in had the switch :D
defeated all of the trainers without any problems... Now the gym leader.
Voltorb vs Nipper
Screech vs Bite
2x Sonicbooms (cheater >.>;; ) vs Bite
Super Potion vs Bite
Sonicboom vs Bite
And he's gone
Pikachu is up next vs Nipper.
Shock wave killed me but my Bite brought his health down to 2/5
Spaurz is up -- Razor Leaf and he's gone.
Raichu is up next vs Spaurz
Double Team vs Sleep Powder (i missed)
Quick Attack vs Sleep Powder (missed again...)
Thunder Wave vs Razor Leaf (paralyzed)
Double Team vs Razor Leaf (paralyzed)
Double Team Vs Razor Leaf
I need to Leech Seed him or he'll out live my team
after 3 attempts i was successful.
well... actually another razor leaf and he died lol... and that's that for Gym 3 on to the next one.
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